Ag Allies: Mentor Matching Program

Ag Allies mentors share their skills and experience with newer veteran farmers  to increase the likelihood of farming or agribusiness success. 

Newer veteran/military farmers in PA can request a mentor for advice on farm management, marketing, business or other areas. 

More experienced veterans/military can volunteer here.


Ag Allies partnerships are informal and flexible depending on the needs of mentees, and the time each wishes to invest. Mentors do not provide professional, accounting, or legal advice, but share their experience and encouragement with those entering agriculture. Mentorship may be through farm visits, phone calls, email, or text; mentor matches may be for a short duration to work on a specific project, or may be on-going, depending on the situation. There is no cost to be matched with an Ag Allies mentor.

Volunteer mentors are veterans/military with at least 2-3 years of experience in farming or agribusiness.  We'll make every effort to match you with a beginning (less than 10 years) mentee in your geographical area in case farm visits are helpful. Mentors provide their valuable experience and service to newer veteran farmers freely and are not compensated.

Verification of military service is required for both mentors and mentees (or in the case of spouses, verification of the servicemember).  

Request an Ag Allies mentor, or volunteer to be one here.

Mentoring Toolkit from National Family Farm Coalition

Ag Allies Mentor Self-Assessment download

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What's in it for me-the mentor?
  • Expand your ag network
  • Build on professional skills
  •  Learn new things along with your mentee
  •  Help a fellow veteran, military member, or spouse realize their potential in farming or agribusiness
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