Bee Bootcamp: Beekeeping Basics for Veterans

Registration is full for the 2020 class.

Hosted by Forever Heart Apiary LLC in partnership with the PA Veteran Farming Project/Troops to Tractors


Bee Bootcamp Schedule 2020

Forever Heart Apiary LLC, Moon, PA

Schedule subject to change.


March 21st  2pm – 6 pm:  Equipment Assembly Workshop.  This workshop is cancelled.


April 16th, 6pm – 8pm: Nuc Installation at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC, 1345 Coraopolis Heights Rd, Moon, PA 15108


May 17th, 3pm  7pm: Hive Handling and Inspection Workshop at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC.


June 7th, 3pm – 7pm: Hive Inspection, Supering, and Swarm Management Workshop at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC.  This workshop will cover a hive inspection, techniques for supering hives, and swarm management techniques.


July 12th 3pm – 7pm:  Varroa Mite Monitoring & Management, the Nectar Dearth, and How to Recognize and Stopping Robbing.


August 16th 3pm – 7pm:  Hive Splits and Fall Management Workshop:  This workshop will cover fall management or hives and late season splits.


September 13th 3pm – 7pm:  Honey Harvest, Combining Colonies, and Winter Preparation Workshop.  Depending on the honey harvest, a honey extraction workshop will be scheduled.


October 18th 3pm – 7pm: Overwintering Workshop:

“Beekeeping affords us the opportunity to really kind of engage in a different way with the natural world. You’re not thinking about what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq. You’re thinking about what’s happening right here, right now.” -- Adam Ingrao, director of Heroes to Hives and a fourth-generation soldier.

Heroes to Hives mission is “Safeguarding US food security by protecting the most important managed pollinator on the planet.”

Rob Mowery (USNR), Forever Heart Apiary LLC;, Steve Repasky and Bob Tatro (ANG), PA Beekeepers Association; Michael Brooker (USMC), Bee Bootcamp Coordinator


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