Bee Bootcamp: Beekeeping Basics for Veterans

Registration is full for the 2020 class.

Hosted by Forever Heart Apiary LLC in partnership with the PA Veteran Farming Project/Troops to Tractors


Bee Bootcamp Schedule 2020

Forever Heart Apiary LLC, Moon, PA

Schedule subject to change.


March 21st  2pm – 6 pm:  Equipment Assembly Workshop.  This workshop is cancelled.


May 7, 4 pm: Nuc Installation at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC, 1345 Coraopolis Heights Rd, Moon, PA 15108 Class members will be invited to watch via teleconference due to Covid-19 restrictions.


May 17th, 3pm  7pm: Hive Handling and Inspection Workshop at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC.


June 7th, 3pm – 7pm: Hive Inspection, Supering, and Swarm Management Workshop at Forever Heart Apiaries LLC.  This workshop will cover a hive inspection, techniques for supering hives, and swarm management techniques.


July 12th 3pm – 7pm:  Varroa Mite Monitoring & Management, the Nectar Dearth, and How to Recognize and Stopping Robbing.


August 16th 3pm – 7pm:  Hive Splits and Fall Management Workshop:  This workshop will cover fall management or hives and late season splits.


September 13th 3pm – 7pm:  Honey Harvest, Combining Colonies, and Winter Preparation Workshop.  Depending on the honey harvest, a honey extraction workshop will be scheduled.


October 18th 3pm – 7pm: Overwintering Workshop:

“Beekeeping affords us the opportunity to really kind of engage in a different way with the natural world. You’re not thinking about what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq. You’re thinking about what’s happening right here, right now.” -- Adam Ingrao, director of Heroes to Hives and a fourth-generation soldier.

We gratefully acknowledge DAV Chapter 8, Greater Pittburgh, for funding the 2020 Bee Bootcamp, and  the support of the Pennsylvania Veterans Trust Fund for our 2021 Bee Bootcamp.

Interested in sponsoring veterans at a future Bee Bootcamp? Or hosting a 2021 Bee Bootcamp on your veteran-owned farm apiary? Contact us to learn more

Heroes to Hives mission is “Safeguarding US food security by protecting the most important managed pollinator on the planet.”

Rob Mowery (USNR), Forever Heart Apiary LLC;, Steve Repasky and Bob Tatro (ANG), PA Beekeepers Association; Michael Brooker (USMC), Bee Bootcamp Coordinator


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