Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse seeking team member

We are seeking a mature, detail-oriented, and responsible individual to join
our team.

The job will include shifts in our bakery, which bakes 1,000+ loaves per week
in a single chambered wood-fired oven, based on an Alan Scott design. Our
grains are sourced from mills within the northeast, and the focus is on using
the most nutritious and flavorful raw ingredients available. A few of the
baked goods are made exclusively from heirloom grains, and the methods are
based on long, slow fermentation. The job includes mixing, forming, loading
oven, prep work, oven firing and management.

The job also includes shifts in our retail store, and at regional farmers’
markets. The job includes, but is not limited to: driving to market, selling
during market hours (inherently hectic), handling cash and credit card
transactions, closing down the booth, returning to the farm, and resetting
the van.

Needless to say, at an artisanal food business like ours, everybody washes
stuff, every day!

We value long-term employees, and are seeking a career-oriented candidate who
is ready to apply their skills and insights to our vision of farming as it can
be, at its best. In light of the fact that our production methods combine
many disciplines and histories, we expect to train all of our new employees.

That said, previous food production experience is a plus, but not a
prerequisite for interview. More important than specific experience, we seek
candidates who are yearning to participate in the world of sustainability and
farm-to-table dining. Essential to a strong Bobolink employee is an interest
in learning everything about grazing, heirloom grains, and ancient food
production methods.

Salary commensurate with experience. Longevity and responsibility are valued.
Temporary housing may be available for candidates who are considering

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is a multi-faceted sustainable farm, located on 187
acres in Hunterdon County, NJ. 100% grass-fed raw cow’s milk cheeses are made
on premise from the milk of our own herd, and we are milking approximately
fifty mixed-breed cows this season.

We also have a large garden which supplies herbs and tomatoes to the bakery,
in season.

For more information, see our website,, or view our
FaceBook page, Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse.


PO Box 165

Forbes Road  PA   15633





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