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Who are we?
We are Pennsylvania's homegrown network for members of the military and veteran agricultural community. We welcome active duty, Guard, Reserve, veterans, and their spouses who farm or operate agribusinesses, or have hobby farms or farmsteads with a plan to grow into a business.

We are a not for profit organization whose mission is to: provide resource referral to our members, promote PA veteran agriculture, advocate on issues important to our members (we DO NOT lobby or endorse products or legislation--to do so could jeopardize our non-profit status).

We have one paid staff member who coordinates Network efforts, and a volunteer Advisory Board and subject matter expert auxiliary advisors. 

Why Join the Network?
Eligible individuals  join at no cost and will receive a welcome packet, first notice of workshops and events, grants, and other opportunities in our e-newsletter. When you join, you'll be subscribed to the newsletter but may unsubscribe at any time.

We assist members in researching resources to help your farm/agribusiness thrive.
Most importantly, membership connects you to others in the vet/mil/ag community. 

Sounds good. How do I join? 
Apply here. Proof of service is required: DD-214, NGB-22,  VA Health card, Military ID/Dependent ID, PA license with veterans designation, Veterans Advantage Card, Homegrown by Heroes documentation. By submitting the application form you will be indicating your consent to receiving marketing communications by email.

*Due to DOD regulations prohibiting the use of CBD products, we prohibit the use of our logo or trademarks "PA Veteran Farming Network", "PA Veteran Farming Project", and "Troops to Tractors" in relation to those products. 
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Melissa Harrop Army Don Green Army MG Ca
Melissa Harrop (US Army), Don Green (US Army), MG Tony Carelli, PANG
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