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2021 PA Veteran Farming Conference Toolkit


NRCS Projects on PA Veteran Farms

Diorio, MacNamara, Wagner

Video at right; slides here.

  1. USDA New Farmers handout

  2. PA NRCS offices list

  3. NRCS for Veteran Farmers factsheet

  4. Getting Technical Assistance slides

Farm Financing Panel

Mosholder, Freemen

AgChoice Credit slides

FSA loan programs slides

Setting Yourself Up for Success  Extension panel on food safety/processing/production)

Scheinberg, Campbell, Buscavage, Kralj, Stolsfus

Presenter contact info

Creating Consumer Friendly Bulk Meat  Sales 

LeRoux and VanNice

Slide deck

Thank you, Conference Sponsors!

 Know and Manager your Risk: Agritourism, Liability, Insurance Coverage

Ross Pifer, Esq. & Monet Bottenfield

Legal Liability & Agritourism slides

Understanding Farm Liability & Farm Risks slides

Sheep & Goats Panel

FAMACHA and parasites

Melanie Barkley,   slides

Alicia and Brion McClintock, Kaitlyn Leonard

Getting Started in Beekeeping Panel

Penn State Extension beekeeping budget template

Repasky, Mowery, Brooker

Panel contact info

Farm to Fork to Festival: Working with Chefs; Food Trucks

Puryear, Daugherty, Reifsnyder

Mobile Food Facility Operation Guide (PADA)
Guidelines for MFF Licensing
Permanent License and Temporary Licenses 

Grants Panel

Thomas-Brooker, Hubbard, Cornwell, Read

Grant overview slides

Shupp Hill Farms slides

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