Lone Maple Farm    New Alexandria, PA

Crop Farm and Agribusiness

On-Farm Paid Apprentice  This mentored  OJT apprenticeship is approved by PA for a GI Bill eligible veteran;

a stipend during training that is based on local housing rates applies.

Apprentice will be involved in all aspects of the farm, from field work to agricultural services portion of the farm.  While working closely with the experienced mentor farmer/operator and personnel much of the time, s/he will also have many independent responsibilities.

For OJT using VA educational benefits: honorable discharge, eligible length of service

Workday is generally 8:00am to 4:30pm (with ½ hour for lunch), Monday to Friday. Some Saturday mornings may be needed. The schedule may vary slightly with season and task at hand.

Representative skills the apprentice can expect to learn to perform

  • Field work: includes soil sampling, seeding, fertilizer and pesticide application, straw baling, hay making, and harvesting crops.

  • Tractor work: haying and mowing.

  • Assisting Primary Applicator: identify plants, pests, and weeds to determine the selection and application of pesticides and fertilizers, mixing and application of fertilizer and pesticides.

  • Farm Equipment tasks: load and unload crops, troubleshoot, repair and maintain farm vehicles, implements and mechanical equipment.

Lone Maple Farms has been in operation since 1920 specializing in grown crops such as, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, barley and barley straw. They practice No-till farming. http://lonemapleag.com/



The ideal candidate will be:

  • career minded with a desire to work long-term in agriculture

  • hard-working, self-motivated, eager to learn

  • a good communicator and team player

  • reasonably fit and able to lift 50 lbs regularly

  • willing to work outside in all weather conditions from rain to mid-summer heat.


No drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, or pets on the premises.

A valid driver’s license is required. The ability to drive a standard is preferred but not necessary.

Stipend:  $10 per hour to start with increases commensurate with additional duties.  Housing may be available.

How to apply: Email resume and cover letter to pavetsfarm@gmail.com with  “Lone Maple” in the subject line.




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