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(Environmental Quality Incentives Program from NRCS)

(EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program.  Through EQIP, agricultural producers and

forest land owners can receive financial and technical assistance to implement structural,

vegetative and management conservation practices that optimize environmental benefits

on working agricultural and forest land.

You may request FREE technical assistance with no obligation to enter into payment incentive contracts. Find your local NRCS office here to set up a site visit. However, if you sign a contract, you must fulfill it.

Before you can apply for EQIP or other NRCS programs, you must register for a farm number with FSA.


PA EQIP page here.

Download the  EQIP application  and instructions.

Download the "Top 10 EQIP Myths" fact sheet.

Managing your farm already for conservation? Look at the Conservation Stewardship Program. CSP pays you to keep your land healthy and productive. 

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