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Army spouse is Accidental Agronomist

Army National Guard spouse Monica Pape's interest in farming began at an early age. In middle school she raised dairy cows for 4-H; in high school, two Seeing Eye puppies. Throughout high school and college, she worked alongside her family on their farm, raising beef cows, goats, rabbits, and crops like pumpkins for market before attending Delaware Valley University and interning with the DEP and as a crop consultant. Monica graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Agronomy.

Accidental Agronomist

Pape married her soldier in 1997, and focused on raising and homeschooling their two children; she later re-entered the workforce as an agronomist and certified horticulturist for an organic fertilizer company and worked at the Fertrell Company as an agronomy sales representative.

Currently, Monica works as an independent agronomist focusing on consulting for a wide variety of growers. Her husband serves full-time as an AGR Readiness NCO for the PA Army National Guard. She also is a sought-after speaker who provides educational support through lectures, workshops, and question and answer sessions. And, she's just joined Troops to Tractors as an advisor.

Monica told Troops to Tractors that she isn't a 'typical' military spouse, preferring to work and tend her farm to attending command family days or other events. We say, any military spouse who supports his or her servicemember or veteran in whatever way works for their family is an exemplary one.

Monica has offered to consult veteran farmers at no cost, as schedule allows. Monica can:

--interpret soil tests.

--assist vegetable, fruit, and flowers producers with soil fertility recommendations to maximize their crop production.

-- create custom fertility programs that meet that crops growing requirements.

-- provide growers with written recommendations and on-going support through emails, phone conversations, and site visits when possible.

Visit Monica on the web at

Contact her directly at 717.383.3059 or and be prepared to show proof of service. If she doesn't answer right away, she's probably out working on her heirloom tomatoes, but will get back to you soon.

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