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A week into the time change, and with all but the last vestiges of show turning to mud, and shoots poking up more each day in southwestern PA, our network is entering a new season as well.

Over two years into our three year USDA grant, the number of veterans, military, and spouses engaging in network activities growing, too. We're feeling grateful for the connections being built among veterans, military and spouses, support from a wide range of service providers--government, educational institutions-- and looking forward to being together in person again in just two short weeks for the statewide Veteran Farming Conference.

As the rush of prep for the conference continues, we're also looking ahead and asking, what's next?

Our current grant funded programming will conclude at the end of September, so in the coming months we're asking you--what should we:

  • start doing (form a working group to look at a statewide veteran farm brand...have events in new areas of the state...)?

  • stop doing (do you read the newsletters from top to bottom, cherry pick just the grant info, or hit delete?)?

  • continue doing (regional workshop...annual conference...individualized resource tours)?

What topics spark your interest: production, business planning, marketing....?

And, given the time constraints and demands of farm, family, finances, and off-farm work--what's the best method to communicate and learn? (Sick of zoom? Looking for a leadership opportunity to tackle a need creatively? Craving interactive web get-togethers that don't require travel? Prefer small group field days or large conference events? Social media or "Youtube University"?)

So, don't keep it a secret--tell us what you need and want from your network. Email, call (724.691.1087) , or comment below.

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