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Value Added Producer Grant Program is OPEN through May 11, 2023.

Learn more here.
Download the 2023 Fact Sheet.

There is a 50% match (dollar-for-dollar) requirement. So, if you have a $50,000 project, you must provide $25,000 of the funding, however, matching funds may be in the form of cash or eligible in-kind contributions. Projected income cannot be used as a match--you must have the funds on hand (or be able to verify the in-kind match) at the time of application.

Maximum Planning $75,000; Maximum Working Capital $250,000.

Anticipated Award Date: September 30, 2023.

Performance Period: Up to 36 months depending on the complexity of the project.

The Value Added Producer Grant program helps agricultural producers enter into valueadded activities related to the
processing and/or marketing of bio-based, value-added products. Generating new products, creating and expanding marketing opportunities, and increasing producer income are
the goals of this program. 

Grant and matching funds can be used for planning activities or for working capital expenses related to producing and marketing a value-added agricultural product. Examples of planning activities include conducting feasibility studies and developing business plans for processing and marketing the proposed value-added product. Examples of working capital expenses include: • Processing costs • Marketing and advertising expenses • Some inventory and salary expenses

You may receive priority if you are a beginning farmer or rancher, a socially-disadvantaged farmer or rancher, a small or medium-sized farm or ranch structured as a family farm, a farmer or rancher cooperative or are proposing a mid-tier value chain.

Find your local Rural Development Business Specialist to help you with your application here.

POC in Pennsylvania: Karen Kuhns
Area Specialist| Rural Business and Cooperative Programs Division
Westmoreland Area Office, Rural Development
United States Department of Agriculture

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