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Accept SNAP

Do you grown your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs, or raise meat, poultry, or eggs?

Accepting SNAP, WIC FNMP and SFMNP opens you to new markets and improves access to fresh

farm-grown and raised foods to lower income families in your community.

Information on the PA FMNP and SFMNP here.

PA Application for Eligible Farmer status here.


Pennsylvania provides free EBT equipment and one year of fees through a grant from USDA. You pay

any transaction fees to the bank or credit card processor.
To receive the equipment--

1. Apply to be an authorized SNAP retailer through FNS here.  FNS has up to 45 days from the date a completed application is received to make a determination. 
2. Once authorized to accept SNAP,  contact Pennsylvania’s electronic benefit transfer (EBT) provider

Conduent at 1-888-736-6328 to request free wireless EBT processing equipment. These grants also cover set-up costs and one year of SNAP transaction fees.

You will need a wifi connection to process payments.

Ok, I'm approved. Now what? The PA Veteran Farming Project can provide you farm-specific magnets and yard signs at no cost to youwhile funds last.

Call 724-691-1087 or email

What about when the first year ends?
You may keep the EBT equipment but you MUST  cancel your processing plan through Conduent if you choose to discontinue accepting EBT. 

If you opt to continue accepting EBT your fees will be similar to these, which were current in early 2021:

The license for the TotilPay Go point-of-sale App, which is $191.40/year or $19.95/month.
If you decide to add credit/debit, the service fees depend on which processor you use:
Square: $0.15 per transaction + 1.79% of the sale
WorldPay: $0.08 per transaction + 2.6% of the sale"

Click to download:

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Questions on Pennsylvania's Programs?
Sandy Hopple, Assistant Director
Phone: 717-772-2693
Fax: 717-787-2387

Already enrolled to accept FMNP/SNFNP? Check to make sure you're listed here.

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